AIM218-L – Leadership session – Machine learning (re:Invent 2019) – Key Takeaways

The Key

  • High level overview of the SageMaker eco
  • Interestingly no emphasis was put on the AI SaaS services

The Takeaways

  • SageMaker Java API
  • SageMaker integrations
    • Kubeflow
    • Metaflow (newly open-sourced by Netflix)
  • Workgrid Software case study
    • Using Kendra to understand the semantics
    • Query vs. search
  • CodeGuru
    • Some use cases (see below screenshots)

AWS is trying to solve enterprise knowledge base problems
Kendra looks promising
Workgrid Software case, all good and known, still I wonder the accuracy and the uncanny valley
Honestly I don’t feel the new way is “new” enough… e.g. searching what time is is now in Google would give you a highlighted open-to-close hour in bold text at the top of the first page, but this is for internal searching, so yes, one small step forward
This solves the mystery why CodeGuru is presented in an AI leadership session
This looks good, not something new but a welcoming addition to the Code family

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