ARC-209 Architecture Patterns for Multi-Region Active-Active Applications – Key Takeaways

The Key

  • Multi-region ≠ Multi-region Active-Active
    • Scheduled replication
    • Near real-time replication
    • Master-replica
    • Master-master
  • Patterns
    • Read local, write global
    • Read local, write partitioned
      • Write distributed and synchronize
    • Read local, write local
      • Synchronize afterward, race conditions may happen

The Takeaways

  • You may not need multi-region active-active as it is complex and cost more
    • backup & restore, pilot light, warm standby are simpler models
  • Services have their built-in multi-region support
    • S3 cross-region replication
    • EBS snapshot cross-region copy
    • DynamoDB global tables (multi-master)
    • RDS cross-region replica
    • VPC cross-region peering
    • CloudFormation StackSets deploys to multiple accounts & regions
    • Config rules aggregates configuration change from multiple accounts & regions
    • Systems Manager
      • automation takes actions in multiple accounts & regions
      • inventory
    • CloudWatch logs
  • Route 53
    • Latency based routing
    • Geolocation based routing
    • DNS failover

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