Athena Cheat Sheet


  • Serverless data query service
  • User enters SQL, Athena scans files on S3 and aggregate data into results
  • Uses Presto underneath

Inherited S3 Access

  • Athena inherits S3 access from the user / role who calls its APIs
  • This is different from most services where a service role is created to grant access


  • Workgroups are a resource type in Athena
    • This means access can be controlled by IAM policies
  • Each workgroup can have its own histories, result storage location and query limits
  • Quotas (data usage control)
    • Per-query limit
      • Can have one for each group
      • Any query scans more data than this limit will be canceled
    • Workgroup-wide limit
      • Can have multiple for each group
      • Limit within an interval (hourly, daily)
      • Aggregated data scanned by queries within group exceed this limit, then do one of following:
        • SNS
        • Lambda
        • Disable workgroup

AWS Geek Infographics

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