AWS Certification Exam Tips

Speed Reading

  • Long questions and answers appears very occasionally in Associate exams, but very frequently in advanced exams, you need to read them quickly
  • Questions usually include non-essential details like company name, etc., and with essential keywords like service names and service relationships, try to focus on the keywords and get the idea of the architecture quickly
  • Optimization questions will ask you to optimize for one pillar (least overhead, most cost effective, most secure, etc.), usually in the last part of the question, look carefully for them
  • Do not be intimidated by five long answers that overflow the first screen, 90% of them should be highly “templatized”, read the first answer and note the components, then use it as a template to speed read the rest for deltas (differences)
  • Eliminate impossible answers as early as possible; if you see an answer so wrong that it could have been put there just to make up the numbers, then skip it unless all others seem suspicious as well

Educated Guess

  • When you have exhausted all possibilities but still cannot decide between two option, just check whether there are two options almost identical with minor variations, and you got one of them. I would say 90% of the answers are in one of those variation duos.
  • Take the following example, I don’t even need to see the question to guess that the answer is between B and C, for they are versed very similar just with one variation “slice” vs “computer nodes”. If you just cannot decide between B and D, B would be the one to go. If you cannot decide between A and C, C would be your best guess.
  • When you struggle between self-managed vs. AWS managed solutions, go for the latter.
  • When you struggle between managed vs. serverless solutions, go for the latter.
  • When you struggle between a long set of instructions vs. something sounds like a feature (you haven’t heard of), go for the latter. It is very likely that you missed the feature, which is quite common because there are so many features and new ones coming up everyday.
  • Note: All tips apply only when you have a 50-50 dilemma.

Non-English Speaker

  • For non-English speaker, there is an accommodation option called English as Second Language, apply for it BEFORE scheduling an exam
    • In AWS Certification website > Request exam accommodation
  • If you are not an English speaker and an exam is available in your language, take it, you will be able to switch back to English when in doubt during the exam

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