AWS Certifications Vocabularies Self-Check List

IMPORTANT: This is a non-exhaustive list of terms / jargons often seen in certification exams and generally in the domain of AWS, go through the list and make sure you are no stranger to every single one of them. Everything on the list should ring a bell, to say at least. If you have no idea at all what a term means, use the search box on the right of the page to search for it, read and understand it before you attempt a certification, especially the professional ones. Words are intentionally randomized.

  • Blue/green
  • Immutable
  • Canary
  • Key pairs
  • Trim horizon
  • Read replica
  • Multi-AZ
  • buildspec
  • Rolling
  • Partition key
  • Rolling with additional batch
  • All at once
  • Hash key
  • Stage
  • High resolution
  • Custom authorizer
  • Write-through
  • Saved configuration
  • Alias
  • Sort key
  • Version
  • Short polling
  • Environment variables
  • Custom metrics
  • Exponential backoff
  • Range key
  • Lazy loading
  • Multipart
  • Long polling
  • Instance store
  • Visibility timeout
  • Composite key
  • Workflow
  • Secret key
  • Artifacts
  • Instance profile
  • Write sharding
  • DAX
  • Service limit
  • CI / CD
  • Block storage
  • Statistic set
  • Execution role
  • Primary key
  • Stale data
  • Pipeline
  • Transparent Data Encryption
  • Streams
  • AssumeRole
  • Userdata
  • Access key
  • Bastion
  • Parameter store

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