AWS Support Plans Cheat Sheet

Official Link

  • 4 Tiers
    • Basic, free
    • Developer, starting at $29 / month
    • Business, starting at $100 / month
    • Enterprise, starting at $15,000 / month
  • You get charge by a fixed fee, or a percentage of your spending, whichever is greater
  • Basic gets only customer support, mostly regarding bills and limit raising, other paid plans get technical support
  • Shortest response times for plans
    • Developer < 12 biz hours
    • Business < 1 hour
    • Enterprise < 15 mins
  • Enterprise extras
    • A Technical Account Manager (TAM) acting as a concierge to your support needs, as well as dedicated support team
    • Free Infrastructure Event Management (IEM), with which lots of engineers, architects and support personnels prepare and be ready to get you through your big events (e.g. Black Friday)
    • Free training labs
  • Business plan can pay for IEMs, Developer plan cannot
  • Business / Enterprise plan can have 24×7 phone, email or chat support, Developer plan can only have business hour email support

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