Kinesis Cheat Sheet


  • Serverless (almost) stream processing
    • “Almost” because you still have to plan, manage and pay for shards
  • Can stream data, video, store stream to file and do stream analytics

Data Stream

  • Real-time streaming
  • 1MB payload
  • Stream partitioned by shards
  • Exactly-once is not achieved by Kinesis itself because of: producer and consumer retries
    • Use a unique ID in message to handle duplicate messages in your application


  • Save stream data to S3
  • Near-real-time in AWS definition (~60 seconds latency for buffering)
  • Can do transformation of data before writing to target


  • Use SQL to analyze incoming data with a sliding window

Kinesis Client Library

  • Written in Java and other languages
  • Used by producer to send data to stream
  • Data is buffered before sending to stream, thus making it non-real-time
    • Use Kinesis API (PutRecords) directly if real-time streaming is needed

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