Redshift Cheat Sheet


  • A managed data warehouse
  • Based on ParAccel solution, in turn based on PostgreSQL

Node Types

  • DC2 = dense compute, SSD-backed, good for compute and I/O intensive workloads
  • DS2 = dense storage, HDD-backed, good for huge dataset
  • RA3 = good general purpose, recommended to replace DC2 and DS2
  • It is odd that AWS does not have a page dedicated to node types, some info is buried in pricing page


  • Elastic resizing, can resize cluster and change node types, resizing done in minutes
  • Classic resizing, resizing done in hours and days, not recommended anymore

Distribution Styles

  • How data is distributed in cluster
  • Styles
    • AUTO = automatically select from below strategies
    • ALL = full copy of data in every node, ok for smaller, not-updated-often tables
      • No significant performance gains for smaller table
    • EVEN = distribute in round-robin fashion, good if no joins
    • KEY = distribute by selected column, good when joining by those columns

COPY Command

  • Use COPY command whenever you can, much more efficient than individual INSERTs
  • Use a single COPY command, with multiple files, to enable parallel COPYing
    • AVOID using multiple commands
    • AVOID using a single file, split the file as a multiple of your slices

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